Gominer GMXr-1 is on SALE!

Two days ago, Gominer announced their own Mining Rig to be on pre-sale which is GMX R1. GMX R1 is the first hardware and software upgradable mining rig invented by Gominer company, one of the most powerful and energy efficient rig in the cryptocurrency market today. GMX R1 can mine multiple algorithms with various power consumptions such as Sha-256, blake2b, blake2b-Sia, X11, Equihash, EThash.

Original price was $2100, But they are on 40% discount on presale that will ends in 30 days. And Gominer will give a free shipping for the first 200 mining rig purchased.
Presale price: $1260.00

GMX R1 Asic
  1. GMX-R1 Hardware
    Our Miner is compose of the following features that makes it the leader in the crypto mining industry.

2. 5nm Mining Chip
Equipped with 5nm mining chip which is 85% more powerful and 65% more energy effecient than 7nm mining chip.

3.GMX-R1 Daisy Chain
The Daisy Chain feature is composed of 32 units at max that can save upto 97% network cost.

4. Carbon Fiber Housing
Made from carbon fiber for better heat resistance and less vibration which results in 50% less sound creation on your mining rigs.

5. GM Hash Bridge
Connecting 5 GMX Asic Miners together will produce a more stable hashrates and perform with their maximum hashrates capacity.

6. Gallium Nitride (GaN) Semiconductors and Mosfets
Our power supply’s semiconductors and mosfets are made from GaN (Gallium Nitride for maximum power effeciency.

Avail now while DISCOUNT LAST.

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