Almost five days since Gominer launch their Token PreSelling with the total supply of 71,428,571 GT for the first round. An addition to that, they offer 10-15% discount on Tokens, and this is one of the reasons, why cloudminers and wannabe’s were eager to buy GT tokens while the price still very cheap.

According to one of the chat representative of GOMINER, they mention that minimum investment with Gominer is amounting to 10 dollars and minimum withdrawal is the same. But there is a catch, you can also mine altcoins for FREE!

How that possible?

Simply, By registering with Gominer and receive 300 GH(HASHPOWER) to mine altcoins and earn GT tokens that can be converted to Bitcoin.

And here are some screenshot pictures of payouts that spread online. So I conclude that Gominer is paying CLOUDMINING COMPANY.

So what are we waiting for? Let us invest and be part of their success!
Gominer Go Gominer Go


  1. Gominer is more profitable than other cloudmining company!! I invested 10usd and I earn almost 4usd in just 4days. I already withdraw it to my personal wallet. Happy to be with Gominer

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