Exceptional ICO: GOMINER will Launch this week

First Token Based Cloud Mining

Established in 2017, Gominer set out to be extraordinary compared to other digital currency cloud mining provider in the business. They are a group of developers who are pioneer financial specialists in the cryptocurrency business. As there organization developed, they procured extra labor to give there customers the best administration an organization can give. The organization is situated at Ottawa, Canada which has the access to the least expensive power source on the world together with a cold season which is ideal for mining. The organization began from scratch till the blossom of digital money, through experience, They see each detail and the good and bad times of cryptocurrency. The organization is intense on business and administrations, through this, they guarantee to convey to there each customer quality administration prompting a smooth and stable ensured benefit. The company likewise collaborated with solar power plants merchant for extra power source and power effectiveness. Low power cost implies more benefit gains. The organization is belittled by various individuals and recognized by different driving organization, for example, Cryptopay, Aspanta, Bitmain, Ruhash and other surely understood organizations.

How to register?

What Gominer Offers?

1.) Cloud Mining using GoTokens:

Purchase hashpower using your Gotokens and earn GT and Bitcoins Daily. All-new mining contracts have one year validity and FREE 14 days electricity fee.

2.) Stake or Withdraw your profits

You will start receiving profits instantly right after you purchase your mining contract.
Stake your earned Gotoken or convert it into Bitcoin and send it right to your private wallet.
Receiving and sending assets to Gominer is easy and secure.
With the help of our fully develop blockchain server, all transaction are processed instantly without delay.

3.) Secure Your Tokens

Register to participate on the on-going Token Pre-sale and have a chance to save more than 100% and avail the big discount from each succeeding rounds.

4.) Pay as You Go System

Gominer developed a cloud mining system where user only need to pay for the electricity fees to experience no overhead earnings.
Newly purchased contracts comes with a 14 days FREE electricity fee. You will experience up to 500% profits during the 14 days trial.
If you don’t pre-pay the electricity fee balance, electricity fees will be deducted automatically on your earnings when your trial period expires.

Gominer Mining Simulator

On Gominer website, you can use there mining calculator to see your estimated earnings per day or week or month, depending on your investment.

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