Crypto Wallet Platform by MasterCard

Competing against Facebook’s libra by creating CryptoWallet

Mastercard Company is designing its own blockchain products including cryptocoin, and it was posted on their management job board of the company.
Company is looking for three people to be qualified as Senior-level positions, that includes product management director that specializes in crypto-wallet, product devolpment and innovation and of course VP for the management of Blockchain.

Mastercard blockchain wallet

It was posted that the company appears to be motivated making its own “wallet solution” for cryptocurrency. Two of the job postings, the director of product management, and the VP position demands that the suitable candidate have prior experience in controlling cryptocurrency wallets, and specify that the duty includes:

“[Leading] the ideation, definition, design, and development of innovative cryptocurrency solutions, including wallet solutions.”

A fresh statement by Mastercard that it would be one of the supporters of Facebook’s Libra project has made some analysts believe that the firm could be operating towards becoming a wallet provider for the Libra platform.

Mastercard’s Partnership with Facebook

In the event of any delay for Facebook to launch Libra network in a timely manner, the blockchain wallet capabilities by Mastercard may somehow still be linked with Facebook.

Most importantly, Libra assures humanitarian ambition to offer budget-friendly transaction alternative to under bank people.

Prior the launching of Libra, Facebook Messenger partnered with Mastercard in early last year to assist low-end businesses, especially in Africa, to acknowledge e-payments. Given that these two companies have combined in the past, another blockchain-related partnership could be in the future, with the presences or in the absence of Libra.

Blockchain-related intuition by Mastercard first surface in 2017, when the company announced that it was operating on making its own blockchain.

Still, in 2017, Mastercard revealed that it was launching its blockchain for trials by merchants and banks. Majority of the 175 Engineers that the firm recruited last year are professionals in the blockchain arena.

Meanwhile, Mastercard declines to respond to requests for commentary before the time of publication.

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