Comparison of Token Supplies of UPCOMING ICO’s

Table of Contents:
a. Total Supply
b. Max Supply
c. Circulating Supply
II. Token Depletion and Inflation
III. ICO Company Token Supplies
i. KNL ecosystem
ii. Brandprotection
iii. Gominer Company

I. Token Supplies Interpretation

According to Economics, if we have low of supply but demand still the same, then it will results in price appreciation and decrease in quantity. But in CryptoWorld, it is kind of different because of Circulating supplies. Price of token coin will depend on total supply, maximum supply and circulating supply.

A. Total Supply

-is the summation of coins currently available for a cryptocurrency (Circulating and Mined coins). Burnt Coins is not included in the total amount.

B. Max Supply

-is the maximum amount of coins that will be produce or created. If once it reaches the maximum supply then there will be no coins to mine.

C. Circulating Supply

-is the approximation of the total coins that are used or circulating in the market.

II. Inflating and Depleting of Token or Coins

In the event of surge of a token/coin on the market, we cannot conclude that the value of coin becomes high. This is how it works when there is inflation and deflation in the crypto-market.

Inflation is the addition of a currency to the market. This is done, in result there is more of the currency in circulation. Add on to that, the currency is no value because it has no costs. Investors does, therefore, acquire it more easily. But to create a deflation, certain of the currency needs to be get out in the market. Deflation greatly affects the shortage, as there is less of it, and it is more hard to get. The main plan is to highly increase the value of a coin.


  1. KNL ecosystem
    A digitized asset is an asset either entrusted for safekeeping or temporary possession: whether it be crop volumes, an office center or an apartment. The KNL ICO platform offers to advantageously trade these assets on our own stock exchange, as well as obtain a security loan, investing in such loans.
  • KNL TOKEN SUPPLY: 58,700,000
  • PRE ICO Dates : 12/05/19 – 14/08/19
  • Upcoming ICO : 15/08/19 – 15/08/19
  • Soft Cap: $350,000
  • Hard Cap:  $5,870,000

2. BrandProtect ICO
The Brandprotect ICO platform creates the ecosystem of blockchains, which is going to protect the property rights, transparency, replication and efficient use for sellers and buyers. The usage of blockchain technology gives a way to create individual information markers for manufacture goods and foodstuffs. It helps to make it instantly, with a low price, what is very important nowadays. In addition, it provides the transactions through the individual means of communication.

  • Brand Token supply: 15,000,000
  • PRE ICO Dates : 29/07/19 – 23/02/20
  • Upcoming ICO : 27/04/20 – 25/05/20
  • Soft Cap: $520 000
  • Hard Cap: $1,365,000

3. GOMINER company
is one of the Pioneer Group in Crypto Mining Since 2017, offering advanced crypto mining and token staking with enterprise level support and gives the maximium amount of profit to miners.
Token and Asic will be available for Pre-selling.

Gominer Token supply: 1,000,000,000
PRE ICO Dates : 04/08/19
Upcoming ICO :  09/08/19-09/08/19
Soft Cap:   $340,908.00
Hard Cap: $3,409,075.00

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