Gominer Cloud Mining Company Review

On December 2017, There was a company embarked to be one of the best cryptocurrency cloud mining provider in the enterprise and it was once named Gominer.

One of the cheapest power supply issuer in the world is Canada. And that’s one of the reason why Gominer choose Canada and Gominer is located in Ottawa. They also makes use multiple solar power plants for extra power source for greater power efficiency, thus, with decrease power cost and greater profit gains. The company begin from scratch till the loud noise of cryptocurrency, through experience, they understand every details and the ups and downs of cryptocurrency. And serious on their business and services, through this, they assure to deliver every client quality service leading to a smooth and stable guaranteed profit.

Like other ICO’s, Gominer also have core values.



uses green technology to maximize it profit. This innovation allow our company to have a sustainable energy source that lower our cost. Solar power and wind turbines are what makes our company unique from other mining companies. Being environmentally friendly is a social core responsibility of the company.


The Company creates a culture among its employee and client to have an ownership mentality. Any individual within the company will feel empowered regardless of their position and is allowed to have his/her own decision making. This allow the company to create leaders among its rank and will create a harmonious relationship together with its clients. Clients can also decide what to do with their own rigs giving them power over their investments.


Client trust is treated as an assets within company. Speed of trust offers an exceptional and prominently down to earth take a peek at precisely how trust works in each exchange relationship. Investment of clients are their own very life line. A dedicated team is assigned to all clients to support them in anything they need. Their satisfaction is what makes company globally competitive among other service industry related companies. .


GoMiner is acknowledged by well-known companies in the industry. It conduct business transaction with integrity, honesty and compassion towards their clients. The team’s creativity is what drives the company. They do their best not to offer false dreams and set realistic projection on what they could earn during their operation with the company.


grows as Implement other services, hire new people and absorb suggestions. This industry is continuously growing and developing and the need to update the hardware and software is a must to achieve maximum efficiency and profitability. The team tries new mining rigs as soon as it is available in the market. The need to attain higher hash power with the lowest cost is never ending. Experimenting on new ideas to attain desirable outcomes is the factor to companys success.

Why Choose Gominer?

I choose Gominer because they can optimized your profit compare to other mining company. With their live dashboard you can check anytime, anywhere and everything happens in your minings and earnings in real time check.  In terms of Customer support, Gominer is always online 24/7 to maintain the client’s inquiries and provide excellent customer service. Additionally, they have reward system, in which, you can get a great amount of token if you can invite individual to join Gominer. So you don’t have the reason not to invest in Gominer, the future of all ICOs.  

9 thoughts on “Gominer Cloud Mining Company Review

  1. I’ve been hearing a lot from this company lately, my friends in Ottawa told me that this company is has been mining bitcoins for years and is now opening their services for others, so i think they know what they are doing, my friends in Canada said that they have been waiting for so long for this company to open their services to the public. I have tried so many cloud mining services before such as genesis mining and hashflare and i think ill give this one a try too. thanks for the info, keep us posted!

  2. I have great news for you sir, they are going to launch in less than a month from now, i think im going to register as a free user and get some of those tokens for free, hehe.

  3. So i could earn free bitcoins / satoshis by registering on their free account and referral programs? ill give that a shot. That would be great.

  4. Hi, check this gominer company they has the ability to min e 48Th/s for Sha-256 with low cost of electricity. than the other cloud mining company.

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