Facebook Continues To Hire for Finance Manager

As stated in new job posting, Facebook is looking to hire a finance program manager, as they releasing the white paper for its Libra cryptocurrency.The job description gives few specifics and no mention of its relation to the Libra project.

“This individual will be a key part of the Finance Project Management Organization and will be responsible for planning, leading and executing on global, cross-functional finance projects,” the description says. Facebook did not respond or reply  to questions by press time.

The former staffers of the blockchain startup Chainspace whom Facebook employed in the past this year, would be part of the Facebook’s career website that has now 26 blockchain-related job openings.

It requires greater than 8-year experience for project management and some experience with blockchain tech for the role of Finance Program Manager. Responsibilities include planning, leading and executing projects in collaboration with different groups globally, growing business cases, making sure sponsorship and getting stakeholders on board with those initiatives’ goals.

The program manager would also strengthen fine verbal exchange with consumers and shareholders, determine enterprise roles and assets necessary for projects, analyze practicable risks and make certain the projects’ compliance with tax laws, the U.S. Sarbanes-Oxley Act and different regulations.

Uber, Lyft, PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard are supporting facebook’s global currency, in which the impact for the crypto industry may want to be huge, some professionals are predicting, bringing huge public attention to the space.
However, some crypto gurus are worried that Libra would give Facebook and its partners considerable manage over users’ economic data. Such issues led Stellar, Tendermint and MobileCoin to decline to work with Facebook, CoinDesk’s sources said.

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