AT&T: The world’s largest telecom company, is now accepting BTC as payment

Recently declared that AT&T will accept payment in cryptocurrencies especially BTC. They are the first major company to accept virtual currencies as payment.

Bitpay was chosen to be partner as payment processing company for its clients. Users of AT&T telecommunication can now login to the AT&T platform and select Bitpay as a payment option. The clients will be connected to invoice portal of Bitpay, where they can choose BTC or BCH to pay their invoices.

In the US AT&T is ranked 9th among the Fortune 500 companies. The telecom company has decided to work with Bitpay to serve its customer in terms of payment better and for safety. The VP of AT&T, Kevin Mcdorman, has said they are thrilled to offer the customer with more payment options. He added they continuously look forward to improving and expand their services. He also said they have a client who uses virtual currencies and they are happy that those clienteles can now pay their bills in the method they prefer.

Although the clients cannot use the cryptos to buy mobile from an AT&T store, the service is only restricted to bill payment of telecom company.

Bitpay was started in 2011 by Stephen Pair & Tony Gallippi. The company head office is in Atlanta, Georgia. The concern was to make cryptocurrency payment easy for the business. Presently with the support of Bitpay, more than 10,000 merchants are accepting Bitcoin as payment. Currently, they are the leading payment processor of the globe. They are serving almost all the leading merchants in the industry of six continents.

AT&T is not the first company to accept crypto payments as before them Microsoft, Subway, Shopify, Overstock had already started to accept Bitcoin as payment. But considering the market presence of AT&T and its dominance in the telecom industry, the news will undoubtedly make waves. This is undoubtedly a piece of substantial good information for the crypto industry.

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